August 25, 2023

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 32)

Nigeria’s inflation rate surged by 1.29% points in July 2023 to reach 24.08%, compared to 22.79% in the preceding month, June. This is according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in its latest Inflation and Consumer Price Index report. The rise in inflation can be attributed to the drastic impact of the removal of petroleum subsidies and the consolidation of the official currency rate, which affected the price of fuel, transportation, and the general prices of goods and services in the Nigerian economy.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 12)

The naira/dollar exchange rate remained largely stable at the parallel market at ?320/$ during the period7, albeit slight fluctuations on February 29, 2016 (?325/$) and March 2, 2016 (?328/$). The decline in the hoarding of foreign currency as well as the substantial reduction in the speculative demand for dollars were the two key factors responsible for the ease of fluctuations in the forex market8. With the slight increase in the price of crude oil, Nigerias foreign reserve slightly grew by $56 million, from 27.81 billion to $27.84 billion9. With the continued increase in the price of crude oil, a modest build-up of foreign reserve to guard against unfavourable commodity price movements is expected in the near term.

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 49)

Nigerias Petroleum Products Imports statistics show a gradual reduction in the volume and value of petroleum imports (PMS, AGO, HHK) between May and September 2016. Specifically, volume of imports declined by 34.1 percent for PMS, 37.6 percent for AGO, and 60.3 percent for HHK in the period.The significant decline in imports in the reporting periods may be as a result of persistent forex scarcity issues faced by importers. On account of stagnation in domestic production of refined petroleum products, continuous decline in oil imports may create a demand gap with upward pressure on gasoline prices in the economy.