Data Governance

Data Governance Snapshot: The Kenya Report

In Kenya, Digital  adoption  has  witnessed significant  growth,  transforming  how  the government  and  businesses  operate  and how  citizens  interact  with  various  services. The Kenyan government prioritised  digital adoption  to  improve  service  delivery, transparency,  and  efficiency.  The government has recently introduced  two G2C portals, namely the e-Citizen platform, which provides a wide range of government services,  […]


Data Governance Snapshot: The Nigeria Report

In Nigeria, digital adoption is gaining traction, with businesses, government, and citizens adopting digital technologies to improve efficiency and connectivity. Nigeria is ranked by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as Africa’s eighth-largest B2C e-commerce market. Nigeria’s high rank is due to an increase in postal dependability as measured by the Universal […]