February 6, 2023

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 1)

According to the World Bank’s latest Nigeria Development Update published in December 2022, with the title “Nigeria’s Choice”, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow by 2.9 percent in the year 2023, less than the 3.1 percent for 2022. Although expected to be slightly faster than the growth of the population, this growth rate, according to the update, is still below pre-2015 levels, those of oil-producing countries (4.8 percent), and the average for Sub-Saharan Africa (3.6 percent). Services, trade, construction, and oil production are expected to lead to growth in 2023.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 46)

On a Month-on-Month basis, average growth rate of selected food prices decreased in October 2017.  Precisely, contracting by 1.24 percent in October, average growth rate fell from 0.08 percent recorded in September 2017. Notably, the contraction reflected in the food sub-index of the headline inflation for October 2017. The marginal decrease in the prices of selected food items may be in line with seasonal levels, as the harvest season reaches its peak, thus making food items relatively available at various demand levels. Going forward, investment towards the provision of better farming inputs, technology, financing, and value addition across the agricultural value chain could help improve yield output and food security all through the year.