June 5, 2020

Is Nigeria experiencing a learning crisis: Evidence from curriculum-matched learning assessment

Agenda 2030 sets an ambitious target to provide inclusive and quality education for all. The first step in this quest is identifying those left behind in accessing quality education and reasons for their exclusion. However, Nigeria like many developing countries lacks data on learning assessment to measure progress on Agenda 2030 at the national and sub-national levels. In this study, we construct a measure for the quality of education by matching curriculum with literacy and numeracy assessments based on existing education survey. In addition, we examine the drivers of quality education in Nigeria based on the newly constructed learning indicator. Our findings confirm Nigerian education system is indeed facing deep learning crisis with the affected children mostly from poor households, in the rural areas, those that attend government-owned schools, and those in the northern region of the country Nigeria. The results emphasized the need for systemic change that will improve school infrastructure, teacher training and ensure more parental involvement.

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