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Gendered Entrepreneurship, Social Media Platforms Influencers and Dietary Choices

Social media platforms are increasingly shaping many aspects of our cultural, political, and economic decisions, including entrepreneurship, migration, trade, fashionomics, investment, mobility, education, and health. Most enterprises categorize their social media efforts and performance as a form of public relations due its level of brands and consumer interactions. Thus, the unique nature of social media disallows the lag time of old-fashion and conventional media, thereby allowing for immediate response and interaction with public which in turn enhance brand. Consequently, individuals’ profiles with large followings have been used as endorsers, influencers, and brand ambassadors.
Based on this background, the study examines the entrepreneurial engagement of selected African influencers’ followers, then analyze the content with the most engagements with focus on food choices and food systems. This research will deploy both deidentified individual-level data and publicly available aggregated entrepreneurship data on social media among African countries. The findings from this study will inform African governments and policy makers on effective strategies for optimizing social media platforms for understanding followers’ food choices and digital entrepreneurship and among women in the COVID-19 pandemic era.

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