March 27, 2024

EdTech Landscape in Africa: The progress, problem and pathway to inclusive education

CSEA and its partners – Southern Voice and Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE) – are organizing a webinar on “Edtech Landscape in Africa: The Progress, Problem and Pathway to Inclusive Education” to understand where EdTech is in Africa, the challenges bedeviling its development and how research can help in the developing world. This webinar will bring together stakeholders to dialogue on inclusive ways to adopt technology in classrooms to address learning crisis in Africa.

In the webinar, we will also be disseminating the findings of our research on EdTech’s landscape in Africa. The study examined the adoption of EdTech in primary and junior secondary education in Sub- Saharan Africa (SSA), particularly in 10 selected countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Benin, Malawi, and Senegal.


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