March 25, 2024

Stakeholders Workshop on Public Procurement and Good Governance in Nigeria

CSEA and its partners- Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) at The Brookings Institution Institution (USA) and the African Procurement Law Unit (South Africa) organized a stakeholder dialogue on “Public Procurement and Good Governance in Nigeria” to understand how we can improve governance in public procurement in Nigeria.

The dialogue focused on 4 areas, including gender-responsive public procurement, transparency of the procurement process, the skills gap in procurement, and the use of behavioral​ psychology in public procurement in Nigeria.

The event gathered directors of​ procurement from key ministries, donor agencies involved in major procurement projects in Nigeria,​ such as the World Bank and the United Nations,​ Civil​ Society Organizations (CSOs), and ​public procurement officials from Ekiti and Kaduna, among others.

​The Country Director of DAI, Dr Joe Abah, gave the keynote speech emphasizing the need to utilize technology to improve procurement transparency. Professor Sope Williams, the Deputy Director of the African Procurement Law Unit (ALPU), and CSEA’s Director of Research, Dr. Adedeji Adeniran, presented on the gender responsiveness of procurement and the transparency of procurement processes in Nigeria, respectively. The panel was chaired by Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyimadu and Dr. Chiji Ojukwu.