February 5, 2023

Seminar Series- CSEA hosts the World Bank Nigeria Team

CSEA hosted the first edition of its Seminar series for 2023 on January 25th. The meeting featured presentations of three recently released reports including: the Nigeria Public Finance Review: ‘Fiscal Adjustment for Better and Sustainable Results’ report;  Nigeria Development Update: ‘Nigeria’s Choice’ and the Nigeria Country Economic Memorandum (CEM).

The speakers were Gloria Joseph-Raji (Senior Economist) and Miguel Saldaraigga (Country Economist) from The World Bank. The presentation highlighted a wider comparative perspective of Nigeria’s growth since 2001, a prioritized set of reforms for the short and medium term, and fiscal adjustment measures for better sustainable development.

 To address key challenges facing the nation, the presenters, in tandem with the reports, recommended three priorities, including spending better, increasing revenue and strengthening institutions.

Click here to access the report and previous editions.