June 2, 2023

NIgeria Economic Update(Issue 19)

Nigeria produced a total of 999,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the month of April 2023, according to the latest monthly oil market report of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). This output, however, indicates a decline of 270,000bpd from the 1.27 million bpd produced in the month of March; it also represents the third successive decline in monthly oil production since February 2023 and the fourth production slump in the five months leading from December 2022. Consequently, Nigeria has once again lost its place as Africa’s highest crude oil producer, falling behind Angola, which produced a total of 1.06 million bpd in the period under review after improving by 91,000bpd from 972,000bpd in March 2023.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 32)

The naira continued its downward trajectory this week. Specifically, naira depreciated at the interbank segment by 3.45 percent to N300/$; and by 3.56 percent to 378/$ at the parallel segment. Despite the CBNs effort to support the naira with Forwards and FOREX futures, the excess demand for dollar continues to put pressure on the naira. Looking forward, the stabilization of exchange rate depends on the ability of the CBN and government to attract capital inflows; particularly by raising interest rate, tackling inflation and supporting economy recovery.