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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 46)

The average retail prices per litre of petroleum products such as Premium Motor Spirit (petrol), Automobile Gas Oil (diesel), and Household Kerosene (kerosene) generally increased in October 2023. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the average price of petrol in October 2023 stood at N630.63, indicating an increase of about 0.71% compared with September, when the average price of petrol stood at N626.21. Also, the price of kerosene in October stood at N1303.16, indicating an increase of about 0.32% compared with N1,299.03 recorded in September 2023 on a month-on-month basis. The price of diesel in-creased the most among the three products. Within a month, the price of diesel increased by 12.82%, from N890.80 in September 2023 to N1004.98 in October 2023. The differential increase in the price of the three products could be associated with the initial plan by the government to introduce 7.5% VAT on diesel. However, the plan was paused for six months. There is a high likelihood that the increment experienced in October was caused by the planned proposed VAT policy. With erratic power supply and high dependence on diesel to power generators, the price increment would contribute to an increase in the cost of operation, and firms would push it to consumers in the form of higher prices, thereby further contributing to the high inflation. To ease the burden of the high diesel price of an average Nigerian, there is a need for the government to ensure a stable power supply.

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