July 21, 2023

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 27)

According to OPEC’s monthly report on crude oil movement, the price of crude oil dropped significantly in the global market in June. In particular, the OPEC Reference Basket fell by 0.8 percent (63 cents) from $75.82 per barrel in May to $75.19 per barrel. Similarly, the monthly averages for ICE Brent and New
York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) dropped from $75.69 per barrel and $71.62 per barrel in May to $74.98 per barrel and 70.27 per barrel, respectively.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 1)

GDP growth rate increased marginally by 2.84 percent in Q3 2015 from 2.35 percent in the preceding quarter. Nominal GDP increased to N24.3 million from N22.9 million in the preceding quarter. Growth in this period was attributed to the improved performance of the non-oil sector which grew by 3.05 percent. The Sectoral disaggregation shows that the Services and Agricultural sectors grew by 3.97 and 3.46 percent respectively, while the Manufacturing sector shrank by 1.75 percent.