January 20, 2023

Measuring Learning Is Key to Reaching Education Goals: The Case of Nigeria

Learning assessments have played a key role in highlighting the extent of the learning crisis in Nigeria. The next step to addressing learning is improving assessments to close data gaps that still exist, and responding to evidence from them.

Large-scale learning assessments conducted in Nigeria have been crucial in examining the breadth and depth of the nation’s learning crisis. Results of learning assessments conducted over the last 25 years indicate five things:

  1. Literacy and numeracy attainments at the basic school level are consistently low.
  2. Attainment rates have been declining over time.
  3. Foundational skills acquired at an early age stimulate advanced learning. 
  4. Assessing children early and at various grade levels is critical.
  5. Any policy, effort, or programme to improve learning outcomes must be informed by context.

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