March 4, 2020

Launch of SVSS Global Report in NYC

The Southern Voice launched the Global Report of its flagship initiative “State of the Sustainable Development Goals” (SVSS) in New York on March 2-3 2020.

The SVSS is an empirical research initiative that stands out for being conceptually innovative and policy-relevant, with a unique Global South perspective. The initiative explores barriers and solutions to fulfilling the ‘leaving no one behind’ promise that is central to the SDGs.

Dr. Chukwuka Onyekwena participated in the panel session on “Key synergies among Goals: accelerating the 2030 Agenda”. During the discussions, he noted that a lack of thorough understanding of the interactions between SDGs (and their targets) has prevented many countries from maximising synergies and minimising trade-offs. For instance in the case study from Nigeria, “The key untapped synergy in is the impact of educating women. Sociocultural practices in the North, which lead to a lack of enrollment of females in schools, are a major driver of the North-South gap in educational attainment,”

To download the full report of CSEA’s research on Achieving Quality Education in Nigeria, click HERE.



CSEA Participates in the 7th Meeting of the Africa Policy Circle

CSEA participated in the 7th meeting of the Africa Policy Circle which focused on the central theme Structural Inequalities as a driver for Violent Extremism. The meeting provided a platform for wid

CSEA hosts policy Dialogue on Tobacco Control in Nigeria

CSEA organized a Policy Dialogue on the Economics of Tobacco Control. The main objective of the dialogue was to disseminate the findings of CSEA’s study on "The Economics of Tobacco Control: Modelling the Fiscal and Health Effects of a Tobacco Excise Tax Change in Nigeria"