May 4, 2023

Fostering Collaboration among Young Think Tankers in the Global South

As we approach the midpoint of the timeline to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is more important than ever to prioritise the contributions of the Global South’s fast-growing youth population in shaping its future. Young researchers and policy advocates within think tanks in the Global South, in particular, need to be more actively included. Think tanks occupy an important space in the Global South, bringing evidence-based interventions and advocacy to relevant global spaces. While collaboration in research and policy work is generally agreed to have numerous benefits, not enough attention has been given to improving it within the Global South.

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This policy brief was written by Tikristini Olawale, Zamiyat Abubakar and Tracy Mamoun, and first published by the Southern Voice



Nigerias Budget For 2012: Inclusive Growth And Job Creation

This brief examines Budget 2012 and highlights key structural and institutional challenges that have been militating against the achievement of inclusive growth and employment generation as listed in the budget.

Worrying Trend In Economic Data Lag In Nigeria

All over the world, the standard practice in economic data gathering allows for considerable revisions from time to time. For example, preliminary estimates of GDP are produced periodically (either qu