February 27, 2024

Development Gateway selects CSEA as Sustainability Partner

In furtherance of our work on tobacco control in Africa, we are pleased to announce that CSEA has been selected as the Tobacco Control Data Initiative’s (TCDI 2.0) sustainability partner. The TCDI platform enhances access to country-specific data, enabling better tobacco control policy planning and execution across Africa.

As part of our onboarding process, we hosted representatives from the Development Gateway, Winnie Awuor (Program Manager, TCDI) and Seember Ali (Country Lead for Nigeria, TCDI), for an informative introduction to the TCDI 2.0 program at the CSEA office in Abuja, Nigeria, on Monday, 19 February 2024.

Following this meeting, the Development Gateway organised a kick-off workshop last at the Marriot Hotel in Lagos. The meeting provided a platform for both teams to exchange knowledge and set the direction for the project expectation over the next four years. The meeting also featured capacity building sessions and presentations from different country leads on research methods, media and tobacco control and much more.

¬†We are excited about the prospects of this initiative, and we look forward to collaborating with key actors in the tobacco control sector, including government and non-governmental health organizations, advocacy groups, and the media, among others, to achieve the program’s objectives.

Learn more about the TCDI 2.0 here