April 12, 2024

CSEA organises a 3-day soft skills training workshop for staff

CSEA organised a 3 -day workshop training on Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution and Mental Health for our staff. The training was facilitated by Mr Yomi Oloko, from INSIGHTS Training Services.

The first two sessions were designed to equip participants with the understanding of emotional intelligence, and constructive conflict skills necessary to thrive in their respective roles and contribute effectively to the success of the team and organization.

To conclude the training, the third session focused on educating staff on mental health issues and how it may impact their work performance or conduct in the workplace; and provided insights on how to protect and promote mental health at work.



CSEA Participates in the 7th Meeting of the Africa Policy Circle

CSEA participated in the 7th meeting of the Africa Policy Circle which focused on the central theme Structural Inequalities as a driver for Violent Extremism. The meeting provided a platform for wid