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African Economic Congress 2021

The 2021 African Economic Conference which was held in Cabo Verde from December 2-4, 2021, provided a platform for discussions among a high-level panel including- African Heads of state, ministers, development actors, private sector entrepreneurs, academic and researchers.

Discussions were centred on how to foster a more inclusive and sustainable recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa under the theme “Financing Africa’s Post Covid-19 development”.

During the side session on “Technology innovation, SMEs, and fiscal system”, Research Associate at CSEA, Augustine Iraoya presented a co-authored paper titled “Digital Financing Frameworks, Gendered Entrepreneurship, and the New Equation”, while Research Fellow at CSEA, Uchenna Efobi, also presented a co-authored paper titled “Small Business Use of Online Tax Filling System in Nigeria”.