Macroeconomic Report & Economic Updates

September 12, 2017

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 33)

reports from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), suggests a
significant reduction in the cost incurred to produce one barrel of crude oil for
the past two years. Specifically, the cost of production reduced by 71 percent
from $78 as at August 2015, to $23 per barrel as at August 2017.
This may be attributable to moderations in operational expenditures, following
repairs and restructuring in the oil region.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 25)

Naira appreciated in the week under review. At the parallel market, naira gained 0.54 percent to exchange at N368/$ on June 23, 20175. This is at the backdrop of injections into the forex market by the CBN to the tune of $195 million at the beginning of the review week, to meet various forex demands. This is amid a slight week-on-week increase in the external reserves (by 0.1 percent to $30.23 billion). Despite the recent naira appreciation, the long-term prospects seem bleak given that the ongoing intervention that seeks to stabilize naira by depleting reserves is unsustainable.