The 22nd Annual Research Workshop organized by the Policy Research for Development (REPOA), Tanzania in cooperation with the European Union Delegation to Tanzania and the EAC, centered on the theme “Why Institutions Matter for Industrialization-led Development”. The workshop which held in Dar es Salaam on 29th-30th March 2017, featured international and national high-level researchers, policy makers, development partners, CSOs and media to discuss how institutions can enhance or constrain socio-economic transformation, particularly a transformation which puts industrialization at the Centre of its development path.
The workshop enhanced the under-standing of the role of institutions (and individuals) in shaping the character of growth and socio-economic transformation, both in theory and practice in Tanzania. Furthermore, the workshop provided a platform for researchers and members of governmental bodies, as well as civil society representatives, to further promote research and deepen policy dialogue on the institutional needs for the Second Five-Year Development plan and Development Vision 2025. 

Anointing Ogie Momoh participated in this workshop and presented a paper on “Institutions and Sustainable Industrial-led Development in Sub-Saharan Africa”. 

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