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October 15, 2018

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 39)

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March 13, 2018 - 4:00 am
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Nigeria’s all products terms of trade (calculated as the receipts of exports as a percentage of payments for imports), indicated increases in the three months of 2018Q2. Indexed at an average of 110.8% in 2018Q21, the favourable TOT reflects improvement from an average of 99.2% in 2018Q1. A further breakdown shows that TOT indices for April, May and June stood at 100.5%, 111.1% and 109.2% respectively which implies that the value of exports exceeded imports by 0.5%, 11.1% and 9.02% in each of the months. The positive trade position is attributable to improvements in mineral, animal and vegetable products group, as reported. With renewed interest in the Agric and mineral sectors by the government and private sector, we expect an improvement in the trade position.



External Reserve

External Reserve: External reserve picked up from its year-2000 level below $10,000 million to above $60,000 million in 2008. However, the external reserve fell deeply in 2010/11 and even further in 2

Net Foreign Exchange Flows Through The Nigerian Economy

Net Foreign Exchange Flows through the Nigerian Economy: The recent fall in foreign exchange earnings reflects the decline in both oil sector receipts from CBN, and non-oil sector inflows from autonom