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Webinar: Policymaking Process and the use of Evidence in the Health Sector

The Centre for the Studies of Economies of Africa in collaboration with Knowledge to Policy Center (K2P) of the American University Beirut held a virtual workshop with key stakeholders from the Tobacco industry titled “Policymaking Process and the Use of Evidence in the Health Sector” on Tuesday 17, May 2022.

The webinar featured presentations by CSEA’s Director of Research Dr. Adedeji Adeniran and University of Beirut’s Evidence Lead Specialist Clara Abou Samra.

The workshop was aimed at helping policymakers in the health sector: i) Gain a broader understanding of how policies are made in Nigeria. ii) Understand the factors that exert the most influences on the policymaking process iii) Recognise processes present in Nigeria to promote the use of evidence in policymaking and importance of building Institutional capacity to support use of evidence in policies and practice.