Tobacco Tax Reforms to Promote Economic Development in West Africa

Dr. Chukwuka Onyekwena participated at the launch of the new project on “Tobacco Tax Reforms to Promote Economic Development in West Africa” which held in Dakar, Senegal on May 2, 2019.
The project will be led by the Economics of Tobacco Control Project at the University of Cape Town in collaboration with the Consortium pour la recherche économique et sociale (CRES) Senegal.
The goal of the research project is to assist member states in implementing the directive, by providing both regional analysis and in-depth diagnostic and economic modelling studies in three key countries: Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana.
The research will identify:
·     Best practices in tobacco taxation, focusing on the impact of tobacco tax increases on tobacco consumption, government tax revenue and industry pricing of tobacco products.
·        The economic impact of tobacco control policies
·        Policy barriers to fiscal measures
·        Financing mechanisms for tobacco control
The project is part of the IDRC and CRUK Economics of Tobacco Control Research Initiative. CSEA is also conducting a research funded under the same initiative.