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Examınıng the Effectıveness of Health Warnıngs on Cıgarette Packagıng in Nıgerıa: A Modellıng Study

Tobacco consumption is associated with about 29,472 deaths in Nigeria alongside other health and economic impact. Meanwhile, evidence has shown that exposure to health warnings reduces tobacco consumption by providing information about the risks of tobacco. Consequently, evaluating the effect of affixing health warnings on cigarette packs on prevented premature deaths and disease events, years […]


Health Burden and Economic Costs of Tobacco Smoking in Nigeria

Globally, tobacco consumption continues to cause a huge burden of preventable diseases. Nigeria has been leading tobacco markets in Africa and the absolute number of active smokers remains one of the highest on the continent. Yet, little is known on the economic costs of cigarette smoking in Nigeria which prevents an effective policy response. This […]


Dissemination Workshop on Illicit Tobacco Trade in Nigeria

Globally, the trade in illicit tobacco products has increasingly been a source of concern for policymakers, development practitioners, and health officials owing to the adverse social and economic impact on public health, government revenue, and the financial support to criminal networks. Every year, it is estimated that some 600 billion cigarettes, representing over 10 percent […]