The Impact of Fuel Subsidy on the Nigerian Economy

In the maiden edition of ‘The CSEA Podcast’, Dr Adedeji Adeniran, Director of Research at CSEA, speaks on the impact of the Fuel Subsidy Removal on the Nigerian Economy.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 46)

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that the average price paid for premium motor spirit (petrol) by consumers increased by 10.79 percent year-on-year to N161.17 in October 2020 from N145.48 in October 2019.1 This increase can be attributed to the removal of fuel subsidy which is driven by the government’s inability to […]


Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 2)

The amount of financial subsidy that Nigeria absorbs to maintain pump price at the official N145/litre has remained high. According to reports, the NNPC now pays N48.68 subsidy for a litre of petrol1, as against the N26 recorded as payments in May 20182. In total, at the daily average consumption rate of 50 million litres […]


Digital Technology and Fertilizer Reforms in Nigeria

Over the years, several attempts have been made to boost farmers’ productivity, among which are supplying farm inputs (such as improved seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers) at subsidized prices to the farmers. Various domestic and imported fertilizer production costs are subsidized to lower prices to farmers. A historical review of Nigerian fertilizer policies indicates an inconsistency […]