Measuring Learning Is Key to Reaching Education Goals: The Case of Nigeria

Learning assessments have played a key role in highlighting the extent of the learning crisis in Nigeria. The next step to addressing learning is improving assessments to close data gaps that still exist, and responding to evidence from them. Large-scale learning assessments conducted in Nigeria have been crucial in examining the breadth and depth of […]

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Learning trajectories: A practical tool for tracking learning and taking action

Learning trajectories are graphs that show how many children achieve a certain level of minimum proficiency at each grade. While learning trajectories have previously been used for research, two new efforts show that they can also serve as practical tools to analyse the learning crisis and take informed action. First, the Research on Improving Systems of Education […]

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Pandemic-related school closures were unprecedented – but they are not the biggest threat to children’s learning

While governments worldwide are continuing to struggle to implement forms of remote learning with equal access for all, the education crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic is still being exacerbated globally. However, a recent landmark White Paper jointly issued by the world’s largest education organizations recall that this learning crisis isn’t really a new one. […]

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Reopening Schools for Learning amid Covid-19

Over the past six months, the coronavirus-induced school closures have limited access to learning for students worldwide, resulting in learning losses that could last a lifetime. In Nigeria, where learning levels were already low, the school closures threaten to completely derail the efforts toward achieving sustainable development goal four (inclusive and equitable quality education for […]

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Is Nigeria Experiencing a Learning Crisis: New Evidence from Curriculum-based Learning Assessment

The massive expansion of education access throughout the world in the past few decades signalled a positive progress for global development through human capital accumulation. However, this same growth highlighted the substantial deficiency in the learning that schools are unable to deliver to the children that pass through them. In short, massive expansion in schooling […]