Shaping Responsible Data Governance Institutions in Africa

Data governance frameworks, structures and implementation approaches are all institutionally driven. Building an African data economy that benefits citizens and businesses requires the existence of responsible, sustainable and robust data governance institutions. From institutions that create or make relevant national and international data governance laws, regulations, standards and policies, institutions that monitor compliance and enforcement […]


Foundations For Pro-development Digital Governance Framework in Africa

Today, the increasing value of digitalisation and data to global development has received widespread attention. A great number of structural transformations have been driven by means of digital technologies. Digital technology has provided a marked boost to world economic output and created innumerable jobs. Following the recent COVID-19 disruption on the global scene, many other […]

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Keynote Address by Dr Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala on Data Governance in Africa – Pathways for strengthening confidence in the digital economy

There have been various conversations in recent times on the global stage, many of which I have participated actively in, around the imperative for strong efforts towards speedy economic recovery for African countries. While some immediate short-term remedies such as debt relief were necessary, trade represents a far more sustainable solution to reviving the economies […]