digital economy

The State of Digital Education in Africa

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, where digitalization and the corresponding skill sets are gaining significance in the transformative process of economies, the role of digitalization in shaping labor markets and economies, both at a regional and global level, cannot be underestimated. Africa is witnessing a digital revolution, with technology playing a vital role in […]

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Unlocking Africa’s Digital Potential: The Role of EU-Africa Collaboration

Introduction The digital economy is on the exponential rise due to its capability to transform and revolutionise economies and societies,  influencing how we work, live, and interact. Otherwise known as digitalization, the digital economy refers to economic activities facilitated by digital technologies and digital data in businesses and organizations. One of the sundry blessings of […]

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Assessing Digitalization and Data Governance Issues in Africa

The growth of digitalization and digital technology adoption in Africa holds the key to strengthening and diversifying economies across the continent. Although these developments offer potentially life-changing benefits for consumers, businesses and governments, the inherent flaws in the digital market mean these benefits are not guaranteed. As most gains from the digital economy are largely […]

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