RISE Educators Fellowship

CSEA is proud to announce the launch of the RISE Educators Fellowship. The program is designed to prepare Corps members for productive employment post-NYSC. The first cohort will begin in May 2022 and take place during the third term of the school year.


The program includes an opportunity to receive the following:

  • Intensive training in leadership skills, life skills, employability skills, and entrepreneurship skills
  • Work readiness skills for the world of work
  • Mentorship from leading professionals
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the programme
  • Outstanding participants grants at the end of the term


  • Must be a Corps member posted to a senior secondary school in Oyo or Jigawa State in 2021 Batch B stream 2 or Batch C.
  • Must have the willingness to work with young people in underserved public secondary schools.
  • At this time, eligibility for the program is by invitation only. The CSEA team will directly contact NYSC Corps members in our pilot states who are eligible for the program.

Application Process:

  • If you are eligible for the program, you will receive a phone call from our team.
  • Following this phone call, eligible Corps members may submit an online application to the program. Our team will contact you if you are selected.
  • There will also be an online informational session where our team can answer questions about the program. We will provide information on this session when we contact you.


If you have any questions about this program, please email [email protected]