July 14, 2020

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 24)

Total trade declined by 17.94 percent to ₦8.304 billion in Q12020 compared to Q420191. The decline was driven by a drop in both total imports and export value which fell by 21.08 percent and 14.42 percent quarter on quarter, recording a deficit of ₦138.98 billion. A decline in total trade was recorded in energy and manufactured goods. While the value of agricultural goods exported grew by 85.36 percent quarter on quarter, and the value of agricultural imports by 12.02 percent concurrently. Trade in Q12020, although marginally higher than Q12019 total trade, reflects the lower economic activity experienced during the quarter. The volume of trade is expected to continue to decline as economies across the world turn inwards due the pandemic. However, the private sector can leverage on the pandemic to boost trade in services such as ICT services, as well as professional, scientific, and technical services which is more resistant to political and economic forces that threaten trade in goods. Given the large wage differentials in the service industry across countries, Nigeria stands to benefit from a service-based global integration.

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