May 4, 2023

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 16)

The prices of key energy products – petrol, kerosene, cooking gas, and diesel – have increased significantly in March 2023 compared to their respective levels in March 2022. According to NBS, the average price of petrol increased by 42.63 percent from N185.3 per litre in March 2022 to N264.29 in March 2023. Similarly, the average retail price of refilling a 5kg cylinder of cooking gas rose by 22.03 percent from N3,778.3 to N4,600.57, while the average retail price of diesel increased from N539.32 to N836.81 (55.9 percent) over the same period.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 38)

Recent NBS data on Nigerias real GDP growth rate declined from -0.36 percent in 2016Q1 to -2.06 percent in 2016Q2. With negative GDP growth rate in two consecutive quarters, Nigeria records its first recession in 23 years. Both the oil and non-oil sectors continued to contract by -15.59 and -0.20 percentage points, respectively, relative to preceding quarter. The worsening growth rate in the oil sector was largely driven by the decline in domestic crude oil production by 14.5 percent relative to preceding quarter