May 2, 2024

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 14)

According to the Nigeria Electricity Report for Q4 2023, revenue collected by the DISCOs during the period was N294.95 billion, an increase from N260.16 billion in Q3 2023. The increment in revenue is associated with two factors – an increase in customers and electricity supply. The number of customers grew by 3.4% to 12.12 million in Q4 2023 from 11.71 million in Q3 2023. Likewise, the electricity supply grew by 12.2% to 6,432. (Gwh) in Q4 2023 from 5,732 (Gwh) in the previous quarter. However, the rate of increase in revenue generation is likely to be hampered by low metering rates. As of Q4 2023, 46% of the 12.12 million customers are metered. Recently, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) approved a new tariff affecting only Band A.

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Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 42)

The NSE market indices recorded a bear market rally for the third consecutive week in September. Specifically, All-share index and Market Capitalization increased marginally by 0.31 percent to close at 28,335.40 points and N9.73 trillion respectively on September 30, 2016. Major drivers of the rally include; increased trade-volume of financial, agricultural and consumer-goods securities. The continued rise in market indices may be connected to a sustained investor confidence in the agricultural and financial sectors on the account of the ongoing activities of the government and the CBN to stabilize the sectors.