Macroeconomic Report & Economic Updates

Nigeria Economic Update (Issue 1)

Discussions are underway between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and a range of foreign and Nigerian trading houses with the NNPC aiming to raise $1 billion oil prepayment towards the revamping of the Port Harcourt refinery.¹ The funds acquired are expected to be repaid through the delivery of refined products over a span of seven years. In 2019, the refineries of Nigeria lost approximately N167 billion ($439.47 million) leading to the shutting down of the refineries in April 2020 for rehabilitation. If the project is successful, Nigeria’s fuel import bill will be reduced. Additionally, it would be the country’s second oil-backed financing since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, a key financing source is the African Export-Import (Afrexim) Bank. Some foreign banks have stated their aversions to participating or contributing to the project due to their consideration of Nigeria as a high-risk country and low credit availability. The use of sales of refined products to finance the rehabilitation of the refinery provides the appropriate incentive for successfully completing the project. However, the use of public-private partnerships in managing the refinery should be considered in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.