December 9, 2021

Examınıng the Effectıveness of Health Warnıngs on Cıgarette Packagıng in Nıgerıa: A Modellıng Study

Tobacco consumption is associated with about 29,472 deaths in Nigeria alongside other health and economic impact. Meanwhile, evidence has shown that exposure to health warnings reduces tobacco consumption by providing information about the risks of tobacco. Consequently, evaluating the effect of affixing health warnings on cigarette packs on prevented premature deaths and disease events, years of lives lost due to premature death and disability, and savings in health costs is important in the Nigerian context.

Aim: The paper sought to estimate the health and economic implications of existing, new, and the WHO-recommended labelling policies in Nigeria.

Data and Methodology: The data utilized include costs, demographic, epidemiologic and economic data. An individual-level microsimulation model was employed to examine the impact of the current cigarette labelling policies (text only health warnings); new cigarette labelling policies (text and graphic health warnings with the total display area covered increasing from 50% to 80% over 10 years); and the WHO-recommended labelling policies (plain packaging and health warnings covering at least 80% of the pack).

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