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Data Protection and Data-Driven Enterprise for Africa

The Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa organised a webinar session titled “Data Protection and Data-Driven Enterprise for Africa”, on Tuesday 30th August 2022.
The virtual event brought together key stakeholders from across Africa to examine and provide solutions to data administration issues for private and public organisations. The webinar addressed pressing data governance issues which if implemented, will allow businesses to remain globally competitive by leveraging data without infringing on their customers’ privacy rights.
The session also featured presentations from experts such as Dr Vincent Olatunji, National Coordinator of the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau, and Mrs Drudeisha Madhub, Commissioner of the Data Protection Office Mauritius, among others.
The presentations captured the responsibility imposed on African governments to balance the scales between mitigating threats and harnessing benefits from the IT Industry. The stakeholders provided policy recommendations to support cross-border information sharing across the continent, capacity building through training, and the establishment of tribunals to prosecute data law violators.