CSEA wins the RISE Capacity Development Award

The Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) has emerged winner of the RISE Capacity Development Award for its work on the Learning Trajectories Training.

To celebrate the amazing achievements of the Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) community in supporting education systems in developing countries to overcome the learning crisis, the Research on Improving Systems of Education designed three ROscar (RISE Oscar) awards that capture the three areas in which the RISE community has created the most impact:  i) capability development impact (ii) academic impact and (iii) overall impact.

CSEA emerged winner RISE Capacity Development Award for its outstanding work on Learning Trajectories.

What are Learning Trajectories?

Learning trajectories (often referred to as learning profiles) show how much children learn over time in a particular context.  Where most efforts to measure learning focus on what children know at one point in time, usually through an assessment late in the schooling cycle, learning trajectories trace out the process of learning as children progress through school.

Learning trajectories can help us better understand and visualise the learning crisis. They can also simulate the potential impact of different policies on learning and can inform what education systems should prioritise to address the learning crisis.

For its Learning Trajectories Training, CSEA organized a two-day intensive workshop on “New tools for understanding learning crisis in Nigeria”.

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