June 2, 2022

Africa: Opportunities for a robust COVID-19 recovery grounded on SDG 16

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for the African continent in achieving peace, justice and inclusive and effective institutions, including significant negative effects on economic, social and political conditions. This policy brief presents and discusses key trends on SDG 16 on the African continent, including: an increasing concentration and strengthening of executive power; shrinking civic space and enlarged restrictions on civil liberties and media independence; disproportionate effects for women and other vulnerable groups; the worsening of conflict triggers; and declining trust in institutions and rising corruption. To reverse these trends and strengthen progress towards the goal, this policy brief recommends that the digitalization process must be accelerated; social protection of vulnerable groups must be ensured; and institutional accountability structures must be built to strengthen public trust as a means to better support inclusive recovery efforts. 

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Rethinking Teachers Training Model In Nigeria

When the University of Ibadan was established in 1948, it had an education faculty. Today the faculty has 9 departments with a plethora of education programs

Cost Effectiveness Analysis Of Selected Malaria Interventions In Nigeria

This brief highlights the findings of a cost effectiveness analysis conducted on two malaria intervention programs implemented in Jigawa State, Nigeria under the National Malaria Control Programme: the long-lasting insecticide treated nets intervention and the indoor residual spraying program.