Research Areas

Public Financial Management and Governance (PFMG)

Good governance is vital to achieving sound economic performance. Accordingly, strengthening public financial management is an important means of realizing this objective, especially through promoting effective delivery of government services as well as ensuring accountability and transparency in public administration. The PFMG research area focuses on budgeting processes and strategies, fiscal decentralisation, cost of governance, public performance measurement, cost-benefit and effectiveness analysis of government programs and revenue forecasting techniques.


Budgeting Process, Strategies and Frameworks

A component of the PFMG research area examines budgetary processes, strategies and frameworks as fiscal management tools and techniques for promoting good governance. The initial focus of PFMG has been on examining the cost-benefit and effectiveness of the various components of government expenditure, especially in the health, water and education sectors. The PFMG area has also examined policy issues around revenue forecasting and benchmarking of oil prices in Nigeria.


Fiscal Decentralization

CSEA recognizes the importance of sub-national levels of government in preserving macroeconomic stability and stimulating growth and development. However, the level of accountability of subnational governments has been far from adequate. CSEA’s research projects are geared towards rigorous analysis of public financial management systems and fiscal transparency at the lower levels of government – State and Local governments. The objective is to enhance the capacity of sub-national governments to manage their resources and provide social services to citizens. To this end, CSEA provides technical and policy support to the federal and state governments to enhance the quality of public financial management, and the transparency and accountability of government institutions.


Public Performance Measurement

Given the rising commitment to increased accountability and improved performance on the part of governments, the PFMG supports government agencies to accurately measure effectiveness, outputs, efficiency, productivity and service quality. The PFMG seeks to gather actionable data and information that can help enhance program performance in government ministries, department and agencies. With emphasis on performance measurement, PFMG also pays attention to results-based budgeting and performance contracting. In this effort, PFMG advances the design and implementation of effective performance management systems in government ministries, departments and agencies.