CSEA welcomes your support for these four initiatives:

CSEA Legacy Fund 

The establishment of the CSEA Legacy Fund is a demonstration of our lasting commitment to producing high-quality, independent research that can inform evidence-based policymaking in Nigeria and Africa. Our ambition is to grow the Legacy Fund to N500 million (or US$ 3 million) from 2013 to 2015. We welcome the patronage of individual philanthropists and charitable foundations seeking to leave a long-lasting impact on the development of credible research capacity and knowledge production on the African continent.


Institutional Support

As a growing research organisation, CSEA requires institutional support to leverage on its achievements. We welcome financial support from domestic and global donor institutions, public and private organisations, philanthropists, charities and social investors to drive the development of the Centre. Core institutional grants will be directed to three areas; research and policy analysis, communication and building policy linkages and organisational development.


Grants for Research on Education, Health and Poverty Reduction

Programme grants will be used to develop and conduct high-impact research programmes in the medium term. We welcome the support of individual philanthropists, organisations and charitable foundations seeking to leave a long-lasting impact on these issues.


CSEA Summer School

CSEA aims to leverage on expertise in public financial management to organise a summer school programme on evidence-based budgeting and public expenditure analysis in Nigeria, from June to August 2014. The programme is a direct response to weaknesses in subnational budgeting practices and public expenditure management in the country. We will draw on our significant knowledge of public financial management, supported by international experts and policy networks. The Summer School is targeted at mid-career and senior public servants at the subnational level, in relevant ministries, departments and public sector agencies.



How to Donate:

For further information, kindly send email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call +234-9-291-4822; +234-9-291-4820


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