CSEA’s Acting Executive Director, Dr. Ebere Uneze, has joined other African policy makers for the fourteenth AERC senior policy seminar in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This seminar is specially designed to bring together senior policy makers from sub-Saharan African countries to exchange experiences and deliberate on topical issues pertaining to sustainable development of their economies.

Previous editions of this seminar drew participants from the highest level of government, including the presidency, ministers, governors of central banks, heads of civil services, permanent secretaries, government stakeholders and heads of government agencies and parastatals.

 This seminar will feature presentations and discussions on the following:

  • Health, Labour Productivity and Distribution of Wages/Incomes in Cameroon.
  • Analysis of Nutritional Health Inequalities of Children in Togo.
  • Infant Mortality and Revenue Inequality in Niger: Evidence of Regional Disparities Across Two Case Studies
  • Exploring the Health Productivity Nexus in South Africa: Causality and Simultaneity
  • Causes of Health Inequalities in Uganda: Evidence from the Uganda Demographic and Health Surveys: 1995-2006
  • Determinants of Child and Maternal Health Status and Demand for Health Care Services in Nigeria
  • Mothers Role in Spending Decision and Child Malnutrition: Evidence from Ghana
  • Impact of Parental Socioeconomic Status on Child Health Outcomes in Kenya
  • Explaining the Health Status of Children in Sierra Leone: Parental Socioeconomic Status and Demand for Health Inputs.

Participants will spend ample time discussing these issues during plenary and working group sessions to ensure that ideas which will have positive impacts on their local policy contexts are produced.


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