September 26, 2018

CSEA participates in the Evidence 2018 Conference

CSEA’s Executive Director, Dr. Chukwuka Onyekwena, participated in the Evidence 2018 Conference, supported by the Africa Centre for Evidence, a research centre at the University of Johannesburg and secretariat to the Africa Evidence Network. Grounded in the themes ‘Engage, Understand, Impact’, the Evidence 2018 conference programme focused on four areas of priority in Africa: quality education, communicable diseases, climate resilience, and good governance. Specifically, Evidence2018 aimed to encourage, promote and showcase evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) in Africa, thereby contributing to the development of effective public policies and efficient implementation of services, as well as joint learning on interventions that tackle poverty and equality. The conference took place from 25-28 September 2018 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria, South Africa



Mobilizing Local Knowledge to Improve Competitiveness Strategies

CSEA joined participants at the capacity building workshop- Strengthening Research Proposals organized by the Global Development Network (GDN) in partnership with the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group and financed by the Competitive Industries and Innovations Program (CIIP).

CSEA Participates in the 7th Meeting of the Africa Policy Circle

CSEA participated in the 7th meeting of the Africa Policy Circle which focused on the central theme Structural Inequalities as a driver for Violent Extremism. The meeting provided a platform for wid